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Crave World Clock Editor's Review

Crave World Clock is a comprehensive time tool that displays the current hour of the major world's cities on a virtual map with the option to schedule your daily activities based on its information. With Crave Clock you can't miss your appointments. The included reminder makes it easy to schedule any event to the desired date and time based on any DST settings.

If you just want to have an overall look on a specific city time, you just need to select from a list of cities the one you want. This way, the hour of that city will be displayed in real time on the world's map. For an expandable look, you can set the program to display the whole world map with the selected cities as a desktop wallpaper. Even in this mode, the hours are controlled directly by the application and displayed in real time.

The program comes also with an analog and digital clock that can be used separately as a desktop widget. You can open an unlimited number of clocks each of them displaying a desired time location. You can use different skins for each clock in order to differentiate the times you want to survey.

Regarding the extra features package, Crave World Clock comes also with a visual tweak that shows in real time the day and night cycle and the zones which are influenced by it. If you have an Internet connection, the program can load and show the global cloud at regular time intervals based on satellite data provided by third parties. Let's not forget the presence of a basic calendar and a list of international dial codes.

Pluses: real time clock of the world's major cities, the world map can be used as an active wallpaper, visual day/night cycle, global cloud image displayed at regular time intervals, digital and analog clock widgets;

Drawbacks/flaws: lack of a complete list of world's cities, lack of zoom-in/zoom-out function;

In clonclusion: If you need to keep track of current time in several locations around the world, Crave World Clock comes as a suitable tool for this type of activity, bringing several useful features that can also be used as a schedule planner.

Crave World Clock Publisher's Description

Crave World Clock allows you to keep track of current time for major cities and time zones on a real world map. You can also add themed analog and digital clocks on your Windows desktop to keep track of current time for any city you like. You can also set the world clock with map as your desktop wallpaper or use it as a screensaver.

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